Also known as cord, corduroy is in originality a texture which is formed by twisting woven fibers together and creating the distinct “cord” pattern. But now, cords are mostly labeled as corduroy trousers rather than just the fabric. The trend of donning corduroys had simmered down obviously in the past decade but of late it has clambered up again setting the record straight. No longer considered an “old fashioned” or “out dated” clothing item, cords are in fact hitting the markets by storm. Cords are now turning into a necessary wardrobe addition. Available in multiple colors, cords do not only live up to their promise of comfort and quality, but they also meet the latest fashion demands of the age. The detailing of these pants is very minute and detailed in order to ensure the finest provision of standard. There are varying styles where simple and classy exist as well as stylish where embroidery is added alongside the usual fashionable touch. Renowned brands such as Wrangler are all about creating, manufacturing and featuring corduroys on the front shelves of all stores in the market. At shoppers will be delighted to know that a large collection of corduroys are stocked. Leading brands and suppliers are very much into distributing and catering to customers’ needs by investing in the manufacturing of corduroys. Measures and sizes are alterable and customizable too.