Levis 511 Jeans

If you want real classic American jeans than you want a pair of the famous Levis 511 jeans. They are truly an American classic jeans style. These slim fit jeans have a zipper closure. They are offered in over 15 washes and colours like “record skip” and “broken oyster”.

They have a slightly tapered ankle that really makes them one of the hottest selling affordable jeans on the market. They are great looking jeans that is chock full of American jeans history. Levis 511 jeans are the modern take on jeans by Levi.

Contured Fit

The  Levis 511 jeans offer a great contoured fit from the hip to the ankle but they are not uncomfortable. Some slim cut jeans are just too uncomfortable to deal with but these jeans (thanks to the spandex in the material) move comfortably in any direction that you do. They look and FEEL great which is so hard to find in jeans. Usually you have to sacrifice either the way they look or the way they feel but not with these jeans.

The ankles are tapered but not so much that getting your foot in and out are a challenge like some other slim fit jeans. They are easy to wear jeans that happen to look great.


You should order one size up in these jeans because they do have that 1% spandex in the material so they do have some “give” but they can still run a little on the small side. Going one size up will help you to get a great fit. They are available in some hard to find sizes like 32X36 for the tall slim bodies out there.

The full sizing range is tremendous and the fact that they are offered in so many different colours and washes may make these the “must have jeans” for many men.

Great Price!

You can easily find these jeans at a great deal. They are widely  available for under £70. Of course you know that they are well made because they bear the Levis brand name so they are a really great value. At this price you can buy a pair in every color and wash and fill your closet up with some really stylish jeans.

Levis 511 jeans have been compared to big designer brands and have come out as the jeans of choice 9 out of 10 times by reviewers. They receive rave reviews from consumers.

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