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Lee Cooper Jeans

Since the 1930’s Lee Cooper Jeans has been supplying the UK with great denim options. What started out as a company that produced work wear quickly transformed to a leader in the denim industry throughout the UK.

While this brand is less known to residents of the US they are well loved throughout the UK and much of Europe. These jeans get a high rating for:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Style

Lee Cooper Jeans are favoured for their full range of styles and washes. They offer jeans for both men and women and they offer a full range of styles for each gender. You can choose from relaxed fit to skinny jeans but the Regular Fit is the most popular.

Since the 80’s

Lee Cooper lost some of their ground in the nineteen eighties but began to pick up steam again in the nineteen nineties and are now once again on top of the heap when it comes to popularity. The most popular seller in the range of jeans for men is the Men’s Regular Fit jeans. They offer a slight elasticity that makes them fit perfect every time.

The Lee Cooper Jeans Regular Men’s Style has 5 pocket styling and “no fear branding”. They come in a slew of washes from dark blue to acid wash (a light blue).

Since the decline of sales in the 80’s Lee Cooper Jeans has revamped their lines for a more contemporary look and it has worked out really well for them since they are at the top of the list for people that are looking for jeans to get around in.

Daily Wear

Lee Cooper Jeans are best suited for everyday or casual wear. They are not quite as structured as other jeans that can double for a more formal atmosphere. These jeans are great casual wear jeans that are durable and will last but they are harder to dress up then other jeans are because of their style structure.

Lee Cooper has a very varied inventory and offers not only jeans but tops and even shoes to go with the jeans. If you are looking for reliable jeans from a well-known brand that is highly rated for casual and every day wear than you will want to check out what Lee Cooper Jeans has to offer you.

These are very affordable jeans which also makes them a big seller.

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