Mens Wrangler Jeans - Texas Stretch

Wrangler was initially a favourite of cowboys in the West so it is no surprise that they are playing up on the cowboy connection with their retro Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans. These jeans have a great retro look to them with a little bit of stretch to make them fit super comfortably.

The fit is slightly slouchy and relaxed. The stitching is also reminiscent of 80’s style jeans. There is just something about these jean’s that says “cowboy” or even “urban cowboy”.

Casual Wear

These jeans are great for a laid back casual look. They offer a great anchor of your favorite T shirt or your best country style collared shirt. They go great with a pair of boots or even your favorite trainers or boat shoes. They have a comfortable air to them that just makes you look relaxed!

The Washes

The most popular of the Wrangler Texas Stretch washes is the stone wash. It has that worn in look that really enhances the idea that these are made for cowboys. You can opt for the darker washes for a more jean “formal” look.

The darker washes are more slimming while the lighter washes are more casual looking.

The Stretch

The Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans offer a material composition of 91% cotton and 8% polyester with 1% Elastane (the material that gives them the stretching ability. Stretch jeans are an excellent option because you can get that cowboy tight jeans look without the discomfort.

Since they do stretch you should consider a waist size smaller then you normally take. The stretch will allow you to go down in size by one size for the optimal fit.

The stretch in the jeans moves with you so you do not get that binding that you get with other types of jeans. They are the perfect jeans when you are on the go and want to look great but do not have time to constantly readjust your jeans.

The Cost

As an added bonus to all the goodness that Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans has to offer you also get to save some money on these jeans! They are very affordable. You get high quality jeans with a familiar name that you can afford. There is no better reason to choose a pair of jeans. Get the Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans before they are gone, this is a limited series.

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