It's January! And what's with this month? Well, one it's the start of a new year, a new beginning, a new hope, and a new opportunity to make ourselves better. Two, it's the time of the year when we experience the coldest season here in the United Kingdom. In times when the temperature is freezing and we are experiencing chilly weather conditions, we find comfort and warmth primarily from the clothes we wear. I believe choosing a winter jacket or coat is a bit challenging especially given the fact that it is one of the primary things we usually wear all the time. It can even be more difficult to find coats or jackets that would best suit as an addition to your office attire. So, to make your winter men's jackets UK shopping a bit easier, I have compiled here some of the best coats that you can add to your own closet. Trench Coat
Jeanscene Trench Coat
Wearing a full-length coat is one of the ways to safeguard yourself against harsh weather conditions. The good thing about trench coat is that aside from keeping you warm and comfy, it can as well be a good addition to your fashion statement. Unlike other types of winter jackets and coats, a trench coat can provide you with a pleasant formal look. Shearling Jacket There is nothing more comfortable and warm to wear than a jacket with the sheep's skin. Although the modern shearling jacket now comes in different styles, there is one thing that still common among these styles and that is they are all made from processed pelt, sheepskin, or lambskin. Pea Jacket If you want to stay stylish while still feeling warm during the cold days, buying a pea jacket is a wise decision. Like the usual blue jeans, a pea jacket can work well with just any outfit. Experience an uptown vibe with its nipped waist and twofold breasted front. Match it with a pair of neat boots, fresh shirt, and trousers and you now have a perfect office outfit. Field Jacket
Jeanscene Field Jacket
When it comes to functionality, comfortably, and style, nothing can beat field jacket. With at least four pockets and strong fabric, you will not only have a cuddling piece of winter garment, but you will as well have an instant extra storage for your things. There are various types of field jacket but the best and the most popular types are the modern Field Mechanic Jacket, the vintage looking Barbour Sapper Field Jacket, the lightweight and weatherproof Hamlin Field Jacket, the high-quality Cockpit M65 Field Jacket, the quite expensive Vince Military Field Jacket, and the military surplus-style Relwen CPO Deck Jacket. Field jackets can generally be worn both indoor and outdoor. You can pair it with a pair of cargo pant for a more manly look. Duffle Coat Another way to stay warm while still fashionable during winter months is to wear classy formal coats like duffle coat. Although this type of coat is somewhat more expensive than the other coats, it is absolutely worth your investment. Its switches and hood make duffle coat look sharp and trendy while still providing the fantastic feel of a pea jacket.
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