Spring is fast approaching. It is almost time for your winter clothes to take their place in your wardrobe treasure box. The great thing about this season is that it provides you with the most comprehensive scope for experimenting with your clothing. It is the only season in the year where you are less restricted as far as men’s fashion is concerned. Today, we are going to show you some of the latest men’s clothing fashion trends for this season. Trench Coats
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Trench coats have become one of the most versatile men's fashion trends. It can keep you warm and comfy during the cold days and it can also be one of your best spring fashion garments. Choose the salmon colour for this year's spring season. Trench coats are not only a good addition to your fashion statement, it will as well make you look a bit more polished and formal. Monochrome Prints Monochrome prints will be marked as the most famous European street fashion trend this year. If you are daring enough, you can opt for unusual, bold, and graphic patterns with various colour combinations. If not, you can incorporate white and black with traditional patterns like ginghams and stripes. This will provide you with a stylish and classic look. Slippers Printed, textured, and colourful slippers will make you look cool and relaxed. You can wear shoe-like slippers this spring as well. Stripes If there is one fashion style that will last forever, that would be striped. Garments in stripes will still be on trend this spring. You can wear striped shirts at school or office. If you want to look really good on stripes, always remember the general rule in picking the type of stripes for your body figure. That is, if you are thin and tall, go for horizontally striped shirts because that will make you look a bit wider. If you are a bit short and chubby, choose vertically striped shirts because that will make you look a bit taller and slimmer. Bandanas With bandanas, you can easily pull off a street style fashion trend without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Bandanas are the most affordable yet the most effective way of adding more colour to your wardrobe. They can also make you look more boyish and cool. For this season, you can buy bandanas with cobalt blue, cherry red, or monochrome patterns. Bright Colors Bright coloured garments are always in demand during spring. However, the trendiest colours for this year are tangerine, lemon zest, poppy red, dusky blue, and nectarine. White
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White is considered as the ultimate colour for every season most especially for spring. This is the time of the year where fashion trends are dominated by white coloured garments. The good thing about white garments is that you can easily pair it with just anything. Plus, it makes you look neat and gorgeous too. You can pair your white shirt with a pair of white jeans or perhaps with a pair of plain denim jeans. Add some dark sunglasses and an emerald or navy baseball cap for a more captivating look.