Being a man does not always mean that you just take fashion and style for granted. Gone were the days when style and fashion are only associated with women. Today, men go out of their comfort zone and explore more options when it comes to wearing fashionable and stylish clothes. Wearing fashionable and stylish garments does not only make you look good, in style, more presentable, and trendy, it will likewise tremendously boost your self-confidence and enhance your overall personality. Jeans are the staple to men. Unlike the old days, the choices of jeans that you can find on the market today are quite overwhelming. Through the years, jeans have greatly evolved in design and styles. They are now available in various shades, styles, designs, patterns, and cuts.

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit Jeans The slim fit jeans are as tapered as the skinny jeans but are not as tight or form-fitting. This cut is famous for those who want to wear comfortable but still fashion-forward looking jeans. The slim fit jeans are an excellent alternative choice for those who are looking for a fitted pair of pants but are not skinny jeans fans. They can be perfectly paired with any type of footwear including sneakers and boots.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans The skinny jeans are the snuggest and tightest cut of pants available today. This ultra-tight fitting cut features an extremely slender leg opening. Although this type of cut is considered as a risky bet for most men, it can potentially make you look extra cool if it fits you well. It looks best on men with very thin or twiggy body shape and works well with a trendy sneaker or a fashionable vintage shoe.

Relaxed or Normal Cut Jeans

Relax and Normal Cut Jeans The relaxed or normal cut jeans, also called the relaxed fit, are best worn for casual settings. The relaxed fit is the most unrestricted and versatile cut of jeans. It can look well on any body type and can be pair with just any footwear or upper body garments.

Boot cut Jeans

Bootcut Jeans The bootcut jeans also referred to as flared jeans in some countries, are one of the most famous cuts that most guys wear these days. The men's bootcut jeans allow you to easily fit over your favorite pair of high boots. It helps achieve a fashionable look without being too outrageous. The bootcut jeans are most commonly used during the winter season and during times whenever you feel like wearing your high boots or whenever you want to enjoy a 1970s vibe.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight Leg Jeans The straight leg jeans cut, also referred to as straight cut, is known as the most basic and conservative cut worn by the majority of men all around the world. This cut typically stands at the wearer's natural waist and narrow below the knee. Although it is thin through the thighs and seat, this cut is not skintight. It should not be confused with skinny jeans. Its leg opening is a bit wider than a skinny cut. The straight cut has a more relaxed fit, it is neither too loose nor tapered. It is perfect for those who want to have a simple and classic look.